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Who gives a boon?


Whilst looking up charities online, it became apparent that so many of them had shops to help raise funds for their worthy causes. But there were so many of them. In this time-poor culture we live in, sisters Stephanie Baylis-Crisp and Jenny McCormick and their friend Wendy Schrier decided to help raise not only the sites accessibility, the charities awareness but their funds too. BOON Gives was born.

Stephanie and Jenny already work within the charity sector with a successful design company, 8901 and Wendy has an accomplished career in marketing and social media.

We knew we could make a difference and not by helping just one charity but all of them.


buːn/ noun: boon; plural noun: boons

  1.  a thing that is helpful or beneficial. “the route will be a boon to many travellers” synonyms: blessing, godsend, bonus, good thing, benefit, help, aid, advantage, gain, asset, privilege, luxury