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Apple Day!

apple gin

21st October is the day to celebrate Apple Day. The Great British Apple, the varieties and importance of our orchards.

The apple is one fruit most taken for granted. It is generally found in school packed lunches or referred to as a way of deterring the doctor. However, there is so much more to it!

King Alfred made the first reference to ‘The Apple’ in England in 885AD. Throughout our history, the apple has thrived due to new varieties being introduced and cross-pollinated. From the Monks in 11th century through to the Tudors growing apples by Royal command to the agriculture revolution in the 18th century.

Various varieties.

In the UK we grow 1000’s of different varieties but most common tend to be the Pippin, Cox, Bramley, Braeburn and Royal Gala.

Apples and apple juice are big business but we still tend to import over 70% of the apples we consume.

Here at BOON Gives we can offer amazing apple products all made in the UK and sold by UK charities.

History and Heritage

Two major charities, The National Trust and English Heritage both offer apple products.

The Apple, Lemon and Fennel cordial from The National Trust is both refreshing and aromatic. The ingredients are all natural and free from additives. This cordial is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs. The Urban Cordial company uses only British grown produce and not only that, but the food comes from surplus supplies and thus helps fight against food waste. With this cordial being perfect served hot or cold and with a Great Taste Award 2017, we can’t see what there is to not love about it!

By contrast to a soft drink, The National Trust also offers a sharp and fruity cider. Jack Ratt Scrumpy is crisp, fresh and bubble-free. It has been made to a recipe using West Country Cider Apples.

With gin seeing a popular revival, English Heritage have teamed up with Chase and offer Chase Apple Gin. To make the perfect gin, first they chose organically British grown apples. They were fermented and distilled into a vodka. The vodka was then infused with carefully selected botanicals and naturally pure water. The result is an elegant and crisp gin, for all gin lovers.

Let us help you celebrate The Apple on Apple Day and know that from buying at BOON Gives, you are supporting so many, as well as the humble British apple!