BOON Gives

Welcome to BOON Gives – The site that guides you with love

We are so happy to be finally live with the new BOON Gives web site, we hope you like it! It has been a long time in the making. A small idea that escalated into a wonderful website bringing lovely home products available via various high-street stores. However every product on BOON Gives is sold by a charity. After designing new products for some UK charities, it became apparent that the Charity stores are really coming on with fantastic products that easily get overlooked from the online shopper.

It is so easy to quickly go to Amazon or John Lewis, the usual fat cats who get all the online glory. To be fair they do have huge marketing budgets so it’s easy for them to target you online. But what about the smaller guys, the charities that really make an effort to source great products. We created BOON Gives to guide you to these online stores, we find the latest products and give you a choice on how you spend your money shopping. We will search high and low for the best ethical home & lifestyle products, (new not used). This gives you the chance to buy in the UK giving you a great feel good factor that not only are you getting what you want but it’s from a charity.

Growing an ethical shopping experience

There’s no focus on the cause for the Charity, that’s not what BOON Gives is here for as you know what’s close to your heart. We want to show you. the array of great products, some also available from the fat cat stores (who actually charge more most of the time). We hope you like the site, please feel free to comment and give us feedback whilst we grow. Keep up to date with our newsletter & social media accounts which you can subscribe to. More importantly come back for more as we upload amazing things from our wonderful charities that are making a difference to everyones lives.

If you know of a charity selling super cool products just let us know and we’ll let the world know #BOONGives