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Coronavirus – Wash it off.

Coronavirus washing hands

Coronavirus – wash it off. We are being told to wash our hands, so BOON Gives has decided to help you spread the love and not the bug!

Despite the onset of Coronavirus, or Covid-19, the message from the Government is to maintain excellent hand hygiene and carry on. Birthdays are still going to happen as will any ‘present giving’ occasion. So, why not give a lovely but helpful present?

A present to help you, them and all of us!

BOON Gives has great beauty products including wonderful soaps! We can help you to buy a loved one a wonderful gift. By buying from BOON you are helping so many charities and all those they support. With a soapy gift, we are helping all of us to stay healthier!

This fabulous soap from Oxfam, is a wonder! It is made by Arthouse Meath. It is a UK supplier who empower men and women living with complex epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties. Instructors help groups to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale. This packaging was designed by Arthouse Meath Artists with the soap produced by CLARITY Employment for Blind People, one of the UK’s foremost social enterprises. We love the fact it is vegan, organic, plastic free and paragon free!


Manga Rose!

Alice in wonderland soap
Alice in Wonderland Soap

The range of Manga products at The British Museum Shop is simply amazing. There are many products celebrating this art style. We particularly like the Alice in Wonderland designs. This soap is a classic from it and we love the rose fragrance. If Manga is your thing check out the Make a Manga Comic event on 18th April!


A bit of shea butter!

bluebell soap
Bluebell Soap

English Heritage have a fabulous range of soaps of all scents. We love their range of shea butter soaps. In particularly this Bluebell fragranced one. There is also Orange Blossom, Vintage Rose, English Lavender and Winter Flowers. A soap for everyone!

orange blossom soap
Orange Blossom Soap


Get going organic!

As well as all these charities, there is also a great range from The National Trust. We love their own range of Rosemary Leaf and Orange Handwash. They also do a fabulous Lemon and Rosewood ORGANIC hand wash.

Lemon and Rosewood Organic Hand Wash
Lemon and Rosewood Organic Hand Wash

So hopefully we have shown you a little taster of some of the amazing products you can get from charities for lovely wonderful hand washing! The recommended time is 20secs or singing ‘God Save The Queen!’ We have a funny feeling you may want to spend more time than that with these products!

And, should you feel your hands deserve a little more attention, take a look at some of the beauty hand creams – go on spoil them!