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Days out…are they over?

It has always been a long tradition to do ‘days out’. It used to be a family ‘day trip’ to the seaside or picnics in the countryside. Now it seems we are day tripping more than ever but where are we going?

Whether we can blame the B (r’exit) word, transport issues or general cost of visiting London, it seems that there is a decline in the number of overseas visitors visiting this great capital. London is still the holder of the top 10 attractions.

Are we seeing growth?

In the Guardian newspaper, Bernard Donaghue, the director of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions said that ‘we (British) are going to more museums, galleries and visitor attractions across the UK.’ He goes on to say that much of this is due museums and galleries appealing to a wider audience and implementing strategies for repeat visits.

Many of the sites getting visitors are the national museums and galleries, including The National Gallery. Stonehenge is the most visited heritage site. Charities run many of these venues. Despite free entry, for many, they are doing what they can to widen the appeal. This is either by theme, the introduction of children play areas, for example or just trying to give visitors what they want. The National Gallery has various exhibitions and events. One of which, is the ‘Magic Carpet Storytelling‘ for children aged 2-5 to hear stories relating to pieces of art.

Not Over, Just Different.

It doesn’t seem to be a case of day trips are over more the fact that what people want from a day trip is changing. Attractions are changing to meet the needs of the day tripper and those that are successful are achieving it by getting people to come back. So pack your picnic and get the kids to the attractions that offer a more educational day out.

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