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Stick, flick or bag it?

Stick, flick or bag it?

Dog’s poo and dog poop bags is a debate that has made the headlines for years. In 2017, Sophie Roberts wrote an article on the laws around dog fouling. Then, it was suggested there were approximately 8 million dogs producing about 1000 tonnes of waste a day! She continues in her article that in 2014-2015 nearly 75,000 complaints were made with ‘littering’ scenic spots.

The Forestry Commission rhyme gets political

That year, Anne Main – a conservative MP for St Albans read out the poem that was created by the Forestry Commission to help people clear up the countryside:

“If your dog should make a mess, there really is no need for stress. Find a stick, pick a spot, flick into bushes so it can rot.”

This was not only founded on the basis that dog owners weren’t picking up after their dog, but also because bags were being abandoned, left hanging from trees, or thrown into bushes.

Dog poop bag

Not just a countryside issue

There is also an issue with city dogs. Dog poop bags left on the side of the road so it gets stepped on as you innocently step out of your car, or left on a pavement for buggy wheels to run through and even left in the road for cyclists are all problems for urban dwellers.

Add to all this the environmental issue of disposal. Most bags nowadays are biodegradable thank goodness, so for some, leaving their bags in trees or in bushes is not such am environmental disaster but does not solve the ‘bag hanging’ problem as many think it will ‘just go away’. However, being biodegradable does help when it comes to disposing of the waste collected from official dog waste bins.


We can all do our bit

There are so many products on the market to help us dispose of our pets waste in an environmentally fashion. Some will choose to ‘flick’ should it be considered suitable, whereas when it is not appropriate eco-friendly bags are available. The PDSA offer a range of products to help. The Beco bags are not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but are also large and thick. They are also packaged around a recycled cardboard core.

Ancol, another great brand for pet products also offer scented, strong biodegradable bags. As well as that they offer a torch with a bag dispenser helping you to not only stay safe on dark wintry morning walks but the torch can also be used to help look for the poop!

Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser Torch
Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser Torch

Buying eco-friendly poop bags was never easier….

UK charities are selling amazing ranges of dog products. The National trust has an amazing range of accessories, toys, food and of course biodegradable, eco-friendly dog bags! The PDSA as mentioned above does too and many of the other charities offer dog accessories to keep your pooch healthy, safe and active. The joy is that all these products are from amazing charities, all with amazing causes and you can see them all at BOON Gives. So whether you decide to flick, stick or bag…..please do it responsibly and be as environmentally conscious as you can. Remember, you can shop and do some good for our planet and people at the same time.