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Feeling S.H.I.T

S.H.I.T Campaign

When I had small children, I remember being told: small children small problems. Big children, bigger problems. By the time you reach parenthood it is widely believed that we are all ‘sorted’ and we aren’t feeling S.H.I.T. Oh how untrue this is, we have just learnt how to mask our issues or deal with them better. What would life have been like though for our younger version, if we had had help available? Or if we did have someone to talk to? The young of today are under immense stress, pressure and their mental health is of the utmost importance. How can we help them?


One person, in particular, is doing everything she can to get the message across that it is ok to feel shit. Susie Weaver is a firm advocate for young mental health. Her blog, So Happy In Town, was set up for parents to get them talking about the good times and the bad, parenting issues, raising kids and mental health. She set up the S.H.I.T Tee Campaign with all proceeds going to YoungMinds. The main message was for young people to see that it’s ok feeling S.H.I.T, but it’s a lot more ok if you don’t feel alone.

Success upon Success

Believing that she could maybe sell a few t-shirts for a cause close to her heart, the campaign picked up momentum with the likes of Joe Marler, Jason Leonard, Nell McAndrew and Lucy Benjamin all wearing the tees. £7000 was raised with ALL profits donated to YoungMinds. The campaign has been relaunched and BOON Gives is thrilled to be able to offer our support.

‘Its ok to feel’ S.H.I.T T’shirts

Mental Health Support

YoungMinds says: ‘The crisis in children and young people’s mental health is real and it is urgent. More children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with their mental health. But for those who take that brave step, help is much too hard to find.’

‘It’s OK to Feel’ available now

This amazing charity is fighting for all children and young adults so their mental health needs are met and managed to fulfil their full potential. Susie is doing everything she can and we want to help. It is so important that young adults and children know that it is ok to feel the way they do. It is so important to get people talking and when they do there is someone there to help. The S.H.I.T tee campaign certainly gets people talking and equally supports an amazing cause.

Join the campaign and get your S.H.I.T t-shirt!