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How to shop ethically?

What does it mean to shop ethically?

How to shop ethically is an important part of everyday life in our evolving world. There are many ways you can act as an ethical shopper and many organizations are working hard to ensure it’s easy for you to do so. Some of the key things to look for in products you are considering buying are 

For far too long it has been easy to buy plastic one use packaged products or foods that are cruel to animals (battery eggs) and gas guzzling cars. Even more modern forms of bad ethical practice are carried out by large companies that evade taxations which go on to have an effect on the economy within the countries it operates. These are still in practice and many people are oblivious to the effects this has on the planet. 


How can you be more ethical when shopping?

There are many ways you can become more ethical. Even if it’s just one step at a time slowly you’ll build a repertoire of methods and you’ll be ethically shopping without even realizing it. Here’s a few we suggest

  1. Supporting local stores selling local produce
  2. Always take your own bags when visiting a shop
  3. Feel empowered to walk away from products that are not ethically sourced. 
  4. Consider buying from a cooperative company that provides resources to help others. 
  5. Consider buying from charities that support many different causes. 
  6. Shop at stores that align with your ideological principles
  7. Always check the labels for materials you know show respect to the planet.
  8. Even just choosing one of the above and acting from there you will be on your way to becoming an ethical shopper. 


Change the world one purchase at a time

We all have the power to make a positive impact with every pound we spend. It is being shouted around the world the effect of over consumerism with even the youngest fighting to keep our planet alive (the Greta Thunberg effect). That’s where the good news is, that through sustainable practices within our society and together by supporting ethical business. You are not only buying into great products but also helping to bring about a positive social and environmental change. 

Be empowered, make conscious purchases that will go to creating a better planet. 

Happy Shopping ?