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Killing Bees – The Drama that’s NOT on trend!

Killing Bees- The drama not on trend

Quite simply put, in order to eat, we need bees. They don’t get much more important than that. Or do they?

Throughout history, honey bees have proved their worth. Romans used honey to heal wounds. Ancient Egyptians used it for embalming as well as treating intestinal ailments. In Ayurvedic terms, honey was considered the greatest gift to mankind for it’s ability to heal. The ancient Vedic civilisation used it for multiple purposes such as keeping healthy gums and teeth, treating irritating coughs and insomnia. Hippocrates suggested honey could help with baldness and as a form of contraception! So why are we killing bees?

Here, Today.

The antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties are still deemed to help in our modern day. Where you’ll find with the obvious being in cough medicine but its medical usage is somewhat limited due to lack of research. However saying that, the benefits from honey are still seen in everyday life.

There has been a surge in bees wrap. This is due, somewhat, to the growing trend of sustainability and recycling. This goes hand in hand with the fact that food can be stored and kept in bees wrap with its natural antibacterial nature. As was the case in ancient times, where honey was applied to the skin to seal wounds and treat the skin, many beauty products today are sold with honey. Royal Jelly is taken for its potent antioxidant properties and interest in eating honey on a regular basis is believed to help ease joint pain and provide anti-viral support.

Think before you step!

About one third of the food we consume relies heavily on honey bees pollinating it in the first place, from apples to zucchini! The effect of loosing bees, directly results in us loosing habitat as we know it, as well as the food we eat! What sort of a planet would we have should bees disappear? Economically, we would be a lot poorer, environmentally more so. In the UK alone, many of the few remaining bee species are under threat, with some experiencing extinction. Much of the blame is placed on modern farming cultures. So why are we killing Bees, the very thing that gives us farming in the first place? Surely there is a way to protect both?

All we ask is that on this day, think before you step and please don’t step on a bee!