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Lazy online shopping (as if it wasn’t lazy enough)..

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, the joys of having a good old lie-in is a great feeling after a hard week at work or Uni. In the past nearly every weekend was a rush to the shops for one thing or another. Now we have the pleasure of online shopping. How bliss. In fact, some days you don’t have to leave your bed before you’ve spent half the weeks budget. Either on a food shop, a new outfit for an upcoming party and a Mother’s Day present. Online shopping is bliss, there is nothing you can’t buy on line. You can somehow feel cheated by the lack of selection if you do venture out to the high street stores. 

High streets V’s Bed!

The High Street stores are so lacklustre these days. They’re like an old Auntie that buys the same old socks or Argos voucher for every celebration. Same every year, lack of imagination and lack of excitement. Apparently online sales have grown 18.2% in the past year in the UK*. It’s easily to see this is an upward trend that’s seriously damaging the high street. Yet trends also show that high street stores are performing better online. Surely if you have the expanse of the internet at your fingertips you don’t need to buy from the same dreary stores. 

This is where lazy comes into it. The high street stores have the brand name, it’s easy to remember, the easy ‘go to place’ when you need a gift or a similar branded product. They even have the clout to offer free shipping, reward vouchers, discount codes. Forever dragging you into their greedy business chains from where they lost you on the highstreets. 

However, you can buy the same brand-new item from John Lewis as you can from Oxfam, or Cancer Research (Check out reusable Chilli Bootle’s at Oxfam). Just a couple of clicks away and any consciously social shopper can buy the same product for the same price from a business that cares about people than it does its own wallet.

This is where the revolution starts (from your bed)!

The shopping revolution made its way to our beds and armchairs, but the lazy shopper now holds the power in their own hands. Option one, browse one site making it easy for yourself and care little about the buying consequences. Or option 2, add a little splash of thought to what you really need and buy from companies that gives more back for your effort. 

We say the people’s choice is put a little more thought into who’s using your money. Its not that hard these days.

*Office of National Statistics (ONS) 2018

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