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Moomin World Book Day

If we could make a day for books we’d make it Moomin World Book day.

Created by Swedish-speaking Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson. The Moomins have been enchanting readers around the world since the first Moomin story: Moomins and the Great Flood, in 1945. Now her stories are amongst the best-loved in the world, celebrating themes of love, tolerance and equality mixed with a good dose of common sense. We love the partnership between the Moomins and Oxfam and are thrilled to write about Moomin World Book Day!


In case you didn’t know, The Moomins are kind, loyal and welcoming creatures with smooth round snouts, who live in a tall blue house shaped like an old stove in a valley in the forests of Finland. They love sunshine and sleep right through the winter, when the snow turns their house into a great snowball. In spring they wake up, clamber down the rope ladders hanging from their windows ready for fresh new adventures.

And so this classic Moomins Moomintroll book begins, full of fun and excitement and the most unexpected happenings. Moomin and his friends Snufkin and Sniff find a Hobgoblin’s hat that casts a spell over the whole Moominvalley…


Invisible Child

This book is part of a special relationship between Oxfam and Moomin. The Invisible Child’s story is about an isolated heroine. She regains her voice and takes her rightful place in the world after she discovers equality and respect as part of the much-loved Moomin family.

This story of the Moomins Invisible Child helps raise funds for Oxfam projects. They fight inequality and help support women and girls across the world.

Comet in Moominland

Signs appear that a comet is heading towards their beloved Moominvalley. Moomin and his friend Sniff set sail to consult with the professors in the distant Lonely Mountains.

Their journey is full of adventures and narrow escapes; from crocodiles, giant lizards, eagles and the like, but new friends – soon to become firm friends – help lighten the way. In this first and most exciting Moomin novel, we meet the wandering Snufkin, the fascinating Snork Maiden and her brother the Snork as they join Moomin in his race to get home to Moominmamma before the comet crashes.

Equality For All Card

The charity Moomins Equality For All gift card helps more women and girls realise their potential.

Beating poverty for good means making the world a fairer place, and ensuring that no one is held back by discrimination or inequality. The Moomins know this, and the much-loved family celebrates these values in all of their adventures. It’s why Moomin Characters has teamed up with Oxfam to champion the power of women worldwide. –Around the world today, you’re more likely to be poor if you’re a woman.

But we’re working with communities to change that. We’re helping more women to earn a living, understand their rights and challenge discrimination. We’re supporting more girls to get the education they deserve. And it all starts with gifts like this one.

Moomins Bamboo Travel Mug

This Travel Mug is made of sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world – it only takes a year to grow back after it’s been harvested. It is a hardy plant, that doesn’t need much water or any fertiliser to make it grow and thrive. And it is naturally anti-microbial, which makes it perfect for holding your food and ensuring that you’ve got the lunch you need to see you through.

Fall in love with The Moomins and support a cause striving to end poverty.