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Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide 2020

Mothers Day ethical guide 2020

We bring you the ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide 2020. I think any mother would love a Mother’s day ethical gift and products that promote sustainable living. This Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide 2020 brings you some great ideas from great charities. Better to use your purchasing power to make more than one person happy!

Oops – Forgotten coffee mug for that free coffee at Waitrose!

Not to worry, these handy bamboo mugs from Oxfam are perfect to keep in the car or even your handbag. They are light weight, come in quite a few funky colours plus 100% made from bamboo. We use these at BOON and love the feel and designs. There’s also some beautifully made bamboo lunch boxes that match. Nothing like using #notoplastic and looking good at the same time 🤗

Smelling of Roses

Not to miss out on the Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide these delightful body products from National Trust will help you smelling of roses (plus your mum will smell nice too). The botanical range from the National Trust own brand are great to combine a few together. They also stock the Conscious Skincare products with 100% organics & sleek design.


Throw in a …. throw

Organic, fair trade, sustainable you name it there are some soft as silk throws from National Trust, Oxfam & English Heritage. With the wettest February in the UK this year it’s good to know you can keep your mum warm and cosy until its spring.

Fair Trade Baskets

Mainly from Oxfam Online there’s an array of beautifully made baskets which you can gift as they are or fill them up with plants, chocolates, beauty products… you decide. We love this selection and there’s always use for a basket to store things in any home.

Organic Beauty

The Faith In Nature range has an amazing smell, is great for your body and planet all in one go. This range of products from Oxfam online is one of the biggest selling range of organic products yet most of the sales are made from the usual high street stores. Why not be kind to not just one (your mum) but many mums who would benefit from your purchase at Oxfam Online stores.

Cleaning products – you have to be joking!!

OK, so we are a little bit, but a few of the mums at BOON Gives would actually love a statement gift that shows thought and caring for the planet. These simple kitchen products are just the thing to make life easy. You can also put them on your list for Father’s Day 😁


Add to the cleaning products – Cocktail Sets 😇

Yes, to avoid any tears and disappointment in buying fair trade cleaning products add a few cocktail shakers to the mix. The English Heritage, National Trust & Oxfam have some great drinks selections plus glassware. The gin selections from the National Trust are exquisite and are guaranteed to put a smile on any mums face.

We hope you like the selection of products from different charities in the UK. Buying from charities makes so many people happy and we think you’d really make your mum proud with the thoughtful gesture.

Happy Mother’s day to you you all.