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Cashmere is an English way of saying Kashmir, Kashmir is the origin of the fabric and it comes from the Kashmir goat. Sometimes very soft fabrics use the term but it only officially applies to products of the Kashmir goat wool.

Most comes from China, Iran and Mongolia. Most consumers are in The UK and USA.

Cashmere makes the finest fabrics. It is high quality and as a result it expensive. When the fibres are mixed with man made fibres the cost is less but it is generally a luxury item. Fashion is the biggest user of.

There is a price to pay by the planet though for this luxury. Karen Dacre in the Evening Standard says ‘……….it may be time we gave the consumption of the world’s most precious wool the same consideration as we do our coffee cups.’

She continues, ‘….it takes four goats to produce enough fibre to make a single cashmere sweater and just one sheep to create enough wool to make five.’

There are questions over the social impact of production with underpaid and over worked workers.

Manufacturers are working for better sustainable options and many now use recycled cashmere fabrics. English Heritage Cashmere Wrist Warmers.

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