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Oxfam Shop

Oxfam Online Shop has an amazing online store – by using this for gift buying you are supporting a business that gives more back than any other online store.

Oxfam not only helps those in poverty directly but also helps them to help themselves. They work with individuals and their wider community so they can improve their own lives. Many products from the Oxfam Shop are made using recycled products, are fair trade, help the environment or are reusable. Take a look and see for yourself.

BOON Gives showcases UK Charity products and their amazing cause.

These stores offer the same if not better products than most highstreet stores so think before you click. Can you give a gift that benefits more than one person?

Make online shopping easy for you and for others. Think before you click, get your gift from a shop that really cares about people and the planet!

BOON Gives is thrilled to be a philanthropic site helping amazing charities to continue their work. All our charities are from UK and all have an amazing cause. Why support one when you can support many?

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