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the British Museum

In 1753, The British Museum is the first national public museum in the world. It grants free admission and always has done. Visitors can visit the museum for free if they are ‘studious and curious persons’. Nearly 6 million visitors come to see the items on display.

History of the museum lies with Sir Hans Sloane, a physician, naturalist and collector. All his collected items were left to King George II so the nation benefits from them. The museum is always open, except for during the World Wars. It is a national treasure. There are many exhibitions to see. Everyone will find something of interest. It makes a perfect day out for the children in the holidays and one you will want to take them on. Get them away from their screens and show them something that will stay with them.

The British museum has a great shop with amazing products. BOON Gives is thrilled to be able to help showcase them and even if you can’t get to the museum you can still have a piece of it from their shop!

We are thrilled to support the British museum and showcase their stone products in their shop.

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