BOON Gives


Because we give a boon for charity! We appreciate how much hard work goes into helping others and how much the efforts are appreciated by so many. It doesn’t take much and if everyone did a little it would make a huge difference! If we could help make the world a better place, why wouldn’t we? BOON Gives is our little way of showing our appreciation. We hope you feel the same!

Our aim is to make the charity and it’s online store more visible. By showcasing products and directing the consumer to the site, the consumer knows where their money is being spent and has the entirety of the charity’s site opened up to them. This also enlightens the consumer on the cause behind the product. We aim to grow BOON Gives and will in the near future offer a basket for our customers with the products being shipped directly by the charity.

We are merely the in-betweeners! The link between thinking “I’d like to buy from charity” and the doing – taking away the physical, often lengthy search to find what you’re looking for!

One of the aims of BOON Gives is to help smaller charities get coverage. We have one charity with only one product on the site!
The design company 8901, which is owned by Stephanie and Jenny, is the type of company that can help you. More information on them can be found at
BOON Gives will also have access to analytics with which a more targeted approach to producing merchandise can be taken. BOON Gives will be able to help guide charities to find the right product for them, within a budget that suits and thus reducing the risk of large stock or investing in something without return.

Very little! We appreciate how much investment, time and financial, charities put in to merchandising. We would require the BOON Gives products to be unbranded (or at least subtly branded) and well designed.
We feel that you don’t have to have a heavily logo designed product to shout out the name of your charity.

BOON Gives is s self-funded company using affiliate marketing to run the site. With larger charities offering affiliate schemes we use these funds and will also look at manufacturers and sponsors to maintain the web site. Our aim is to be transparent and we do not wish to pass on any costs to charities unnecessarily.

BOON Gives is a way to bring charity products together in one place. Our aim is to raise awareness of the charity’s online shop, making it more visible and accessible and at the same time raising awareness of the charity’s cause. Charities also invest in products that are available from high-street stores and in come cases sell them cheaper. BOON Gives offers you the opportunity to buy these products from a charity rather than the ‘fat cat’ high-street online store.

BOON Gives is a platform showcasing unique and well-designed products all from charities. The images link directly to the specific charity’s website so all purchases are done direct through them as if the consumer had gone straight to the online shop. We are a shop-front, the doorway to the shop!

Stephanie Baylis-Crisp is a designer helping charities improve their merchandise range through imagery and is helped by her sister Jenny McCormick. With their partner Wendy Schrier, with a background in marketing and social media, we teamed up to give you BOON Gives!

BOON Gives makes it easier and more convenient to shop for the socially conscious consumer. Whether a person has a particular affiliation to one charity or wishes to support a multitude of different causes, with BOON Gives, they have the choice at their fingertips without a time-consuming search process.

The products on the site are, all unbranded or subtly unbranded if at all. The idea is that the consumer likes a product only to find they are buying from a charity. The word BOON refers to an unforeseen bonus. It also has a financial meaning suggesting an unexpected windfall!

BOON Gives is a sales platform for charitable merchandise. It brings charity online stores together in one place.