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Reflection and Celebration VE Day-75

We will prevail!
We Will Prevail.

It seems a long way off – a chance to get together and celebrate at this moment of international crisis. Covid-19 has thrown us into a state of fear, worry and uncertainty. The mere thought of giving a friend a hug, seems like a dream away but just like 75 years ago, that time will come. We will be out on the streets. We will laugh and joke with friends and family. We will be reunited.

VE Day 75

Those living throughout World War II would have experienced unsurmountable dark times. Separation, uncertainty, fear would have been felt by all. We can only imagine how difficult times must have been back in 1945, for those at home and for those away fighting.

The guns fall silent.

The guns fell silent. There were celebrations in the street. We only understand a minute amount of what the feeling was like. But, we do have an idea of the relief felt. We are in a position to understand better.

VE Day 75

We may be staying at home but we can still give our thoughts and commemorate those who did so much for us. As we have learnt in the last couple of weeks, a touch of recognition and appreciation goes a long way. Wear your poppy with pride and support the Royal British Legion. A purchase from them goes a long way and despite such hard times, they are one charity that has managed to keep it’s online store going. We have lost so many charities, pushed them against the hardest of brick walls, but we need them to survive. The work they do is invaluable and the truth is, we need them more than they need us.

Wear your poppy with pride.

For VE Day-75, the Poppy Shop has commissioned a bespoke poppy. The Home Pin is simple but iconic. It encapsulates the concept of soldiers ‘leaving, missing and finally returning’ to their loved ones, as many veterans did 75 years ago. They don’t forget that this still continues today, soldiers piecing back their lives on returning home. 

Like so many charities, their strength comes from those who have been affected by their cause (directly or indirectly) and that is the same for Royal British Legion. In their case, WE ARE ALL AFFECTED. The British Army is a family. A family within a family. The loyalty is immense and to recognise this, each arm of the armed forces can wear their own poppy.

Our time to street party altogether is not far away, but it might feel unobtainable at the moment. So on 8th May to 10th May spare a thought and commemorate those who went through so much more. It will be OK, there is hope and we will overcome, just like we did 75 years ago. In the meantime wear your poppy with pride and remember those who have done so much for us.