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Share the love this Valentines Day

Share the love this Valentines Day

We thought it was time to help lovers young and old to find a way to share the love this Valentines day!

Just by shopping at BOON Gives you are sharing the love!

Giving a gift is meaningful for you and the recipient. But imagine if the gift you bought also had a profound effect on others! You may not know that UK charities have the most amazing shopping sites all with gifts you can buy for your loved one that have a profound effect on our planet. Here’s a few we’ve picked out for you this Valentines day but remember!

You’re buying something for a loved one, from an organisation loving our communities, people, pets and planet.

For the climate warrior in your life

We would recommend that your gift be sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly. For that reason we recommend these gorgeous recycled cashmere gloves. Perfect for this time of year and even better for holding hands with – nice and warm! By purchasing these, you are supporting English Heritage. They care for over 400 historic places and keeping the story of England alive. Treat your loved one to a day out, but make sure you wrap up warm!


For the green-fingered amour

The wideboy deckchair is so named because it comfortably sits two! Well, maybe if you’re under the age of 10. But, it is wider than a normal deckchair. Your loved one can snuggle down and get comfortable whilst taking in the joy of all their hard work. Just don’t be surprised if you hear the words ‘budge up’ every now and then! What we love most about this product is that it is made from sustainable hardwood. This great deckchair comes from the National Trust. They have a great range of all garden related products, from snippers to greenhouses. This year will see them celebrate 125 years of preserving and caring for nature, beauty and history. You’ll probably want a sit down after a romantic day trip to one of their sites!

For the adventurist, with a heart

We all want our loved ones to be proud of us when we’re out and about. Here’s a way to look great, be cool and do your bit for the environment whilst shouting out your message to save the planet. We think this t-shirt is so cool. It is made in UK, made from organic cotton and made in a renewable power energy factory. By purchasing it you are supporting Just One Ocean and showing the world you care. David Jones has worked tirelessly to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans. Let’s give him a helping hand because there is only one ocean.

For the person who makes your house your home

Valentines Day falls in the darkest depths of winter, brighten up your loved one’s life with a bit of colour. Show them you care by buying this gorgeous rug from Oxfam. Oxfam offer an amazing range of products that help them support people in poverty across the world. This rug is no different. The purchase of this rug helps the welfare of people living in poverty and more importantly helps them help themselves. Each rug varies in colour as it is made from recycled scraps from the fashion trade. Go on, add a little bit of colour to your home. Put a smile on the homemakers face and that of so many more.


For the ‘take it easy’ partner

This year we are fortunate enough to have Valentines day on a Friday. That suggests nice long lie in on Saturday morning after a romantic night out. We would recommend getting your partner this awesome tablet ibeani bag stand, so they can sit back in bed, sipping that perfect cup of tea you have so lovingly made whilst catching up on a box set. Best of all, with a cup of tea in one hand, iPad on the bean bag, that leaves one hand free to hold yours! This stand comes from Cancer Research UK who are dedicated to saving lives through research with a vision to cure all cancers, and sooner rather than later. Relax knowing you have done your little bit to help them achieve it and all those who have benefitted from this immensely important charity.

iBeanis Grey Tablet Stand
iBeanis Grey Tablet Stand

For that partner who makes you wonder if they love their dog more than you….?

Do you often find yourself in the dog house more than your partners pooch? Well, here’s a way to get back into their good books! Even better than a pampering present, its also organic and the purchase helps Guide Dogs For The Blind and all the amazing work they do for dogs and humans alike. By shopping with Dogalogue, you are helping to raise money for those who are blind or visually impaired and if you think your partner thinks the relationship with their dog is special, imagine what it must be for someone who relies on their dog to see the world clearer. I think you just got out of the dog house!


The tipple taster

It’s Valentines Day, out for a nice meal to woo the love of your life, back home and time for a little tipple. Flowers, meal, mood music and bingo! You have successfully achieved a romantic date, shown your loved one you love them and not an argument in sight, you deserve a drink! You are invincible! Well this gin is. Along with Illustrious and Intrepid, these gins come from National Museum of the Royal Navy that does so much more than records the history of the Royal Navy, it educates, brings history to life and tells the story of the Royal Navy. It makes a great day out, so maybe pop down there and see for yourself with your loved one before the real wooing commences and the gin and tonic starts flowing!

Invincible Gin
Invincible Gin

For the chocoholic

Rainforest saving chocolate! It’s Vegan, Award Winning, Palm oil free, slavery free and plastic packaging free! Not only that, but buy 4 and you get one free (keep that to yourself!). Any chocoholic will love this chocolate and everything it stands for. Cool Earth are determined to help save the rainforest and this is one way you can support them. The chocolate itself is made in the Ene River Valley, Peru and the income from it goes towards keeping the Peruvian Amazon forest safe. A sure thing as a valentines present.

Rainforest Saving Chocolate
Rainforest Saving Chocolate

Be the world’s valentine this year

It’s important to show your loved one you care, but by shopping at BOON Gives you can show so many more you care too. Many of these gifts can be bought in high street shops, but here at BOON, we are sharing the love this Valentines Day and showing the World that we care and between us we can shop and make a difference too.