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Claude Monet: Water-Lily Pond Tote Bag



Claude Monet: Water-Lily Pond Tote Bag available exclusively from The National Gallery, this beautifully printed reusable shopping bag features Monet: Water-Lily Pond tote bag by Claude Monet and has dark lilac handles

Beautifully printed on quality 100% cotton. The bag is reusable, washable and a stylish way to do your bit for the environment.

You will find this exquisite Monet: Water-Lily Pond Tote Bag is made from 100% cotton.

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Think about where you shop! Think about how your shopping can help others. We are proud to be able to support The National Gallery.

Above all every postcard bought in the National Gallery’s shops, every cup of tea sipped in the cafés, and every print ordered online raises money for the National Gallery.

You will find as well as running the Gallery’s restaurants and shops, in Trafalgar Square and online. They also publish books, license images and hire spaces. All to help the National Gallery look after the world’s greatest paintings. Today and for generations to come.

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