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Fins Not Optional T-shirt


Fins Not Optional T-shirt, Shark finning is BIG business. Killing sharks for their fins is having a devastating effect on shark populations.


This Fins Not Optional T-shirt is awesome and promotes a strong message to all. Shark finning is BIG business. Killing sharks for their fins is having a devastating effect on shark populations and the ecosystems that they are part of. Shark fins are for soup and some traditional Chinese medicines. That’s it!

The soup is virtually tasteless and the medicinal benefits of eating shark fins in any form are extremely dubious. The fisherman cut every fin off.  The shark is still alive. However the rest of the shark has relatively little economic value so the still-living shark is then cast back in to the ocean. All sharks are fair game for these unregulated shark finning organisations and vessels, even those on endangered species lists such as whale sharks and hammerheads, so great is the lure of profit. Show your support with this Fins Not Optional T-shirt. Just One Ocean supports the Circular Economy. Buy, wear and return.

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Think about where you shop, think about how your shopping can help others. We are proud to be able to support Just One Ocean.

Just One Ocean was founded by David Jones in 2014.  Having travelled the world as a diver and an underwater photographer, David saw for himself the devastation that the human race was having on our environment and our oceans in particular. Just One Ocean has an amazing online store. By using this for gift buying you are supporting a business that gives more back than any other online store.

These stores offer the same if not better products than most highstreet stores so, think before you click. Can you give a gift that benefits more than one person?

Make online shopping easy for you and for others. Think before you click, get your gift from a shop that really cares about people and the planet!


Just One Ocean

Attempting to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans