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It’s OK To Feel S.H.I.T Womens Tee


It’s OK to feel S.H.I.T Womens Tee, organic, fairwear and climate neutral. Getting people to talk, that it’s ok to not feel ok.

S.H.I.T Campaign


It’s OK To Feel S.H.I.T Womens Tee.

It really is ok to feel sh*t, but it’s even more ok if you don’t feel alone.

And that’s why 100% of the profits from these S.H.I.T. tees is going to YoungMinds who are #FightingFor a new era where mental health support is available to every young person who reaches out.

100% combed organic cotton. Fairwear, global organic textile standard, climate neutral.

Susie Weaver writes a blog about parenting and mental health. She set up the It’s OK to feel S.H.I.T tee campaign with all monies going to YoungMinds. We are thrilled to help promote this amazing campaign.

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