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Puffin Plastic T-Shirt


Puffin Plastic T-Shirt, organic, circular and made in a factory using renewable energy, what more could you ask for? Great design? Check!


We LOVE this Puffin Plastic T-shirt! Ocean plastic is an increasing problem, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean! This is a serious problem that needs to be stopped now, or animals such as puffins will be feeding off plastic, not fish. Help us to protect our oceans and raise awareness by wearing this Plastic Puffin t-shirt. Proceeds go towards the vital work that Just One Ocean does and made from super soft organic cotton made in a renewable energy factory. This top is made from recycled post-consumer organic cotton. Every product on the Just One Ocean store is designed to be sent back to Teemill when worn out to be made again and again and again into new products like this awesome t-shirt. Be part of the solution today.

Boon Gives is a philanthropic website, bringing quality brand new charity gifts and lifestyle products in one shopping site.

Think about where you shop, think about how your shopping can help others. We are proud to be able to support Just One Ocean.

Just One Ocean was founded by David Jones in 2014.  Having travelled the world as a diver and an underwater photographer, David saw for himself the devastation that the human race was having on our environment and our oceans in particular. Just One Ocean has an amazing online store. By using this for gift buying you are supporting a business that gives more back than any other online store.

These stores offer the same if not better products than most highstreet stores so, think before you click. Can you give a gift that benefits more than one person?

Make online shopping easy for you and for others. Think before you click, get your gift from a shop that really cares about people and the planet!