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Mint Castile Soap


Mint Castile soap has organic ingredients with 100% bioplastic bottles. Allergy friendly, vegan, cruelty free, safe for people, animals, water ecosystems.


This mint Castile soap combines natural ingredients and has a fresh minty scent. For travelling and for those who prefer a single product, our Castile soap is the answer. Suitable for laundry and general cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and surfaces, the soap is also suitable for occasional personal care use (teeth, body & hair). The applications are endless!

Mint Castile soap has 96% organic ingredients and comes in 100% bioplastic bottles.

Allergy friendly, vegan and cruelty free our versatile soap is safe for people, animals and our water ecosystems.

Brilliant cleaning naturally.

Available as part of the National Trust household cleaning range. Small batches of the exclusive laundry and household cleaning range come from Somerset using Exmoor water by family run business Greenscents. Using organic fairtrade essential oils Greenscents bring you a unique experience – blends that are equally uplifting and powerful to transform your cleaning experience and enliven your laundry.

Directions for use: A few drops of concentrated Castile soap are enough for most purposes. Can be diluted or used neat from the bottle. Lather and rinse.

The bottles are made from waste sugar production and are not plastic but they can be recycled like PET plastic. Caps and lids are not generally recyclable at present but please check local recycling guidelines.

Store at ambient temperature out of direct sunlight. Product is affected by extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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