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Don’t speak Chinese?


Don’t worry all you have to do is look at brilliant Chinese illustration! A beautiful book and awesome for anyone with an interest in design or interiors!


Chinese wallpaper has been an important element of European interior decoration for 300 years. As trade between Europe and China flourished in the 17th century, Europeans developed a strong taste for Chinese art and design.

The stunningly beautiful wallcoverings were developed by Chinese painting workshops in response to western demand. A sophisticated synthesis of eastern and western art, Chinese wallpapers were an early-modern global product and they are still popular and influential today.

In spite of their spectacular beauty, Chinese wallpapers have not been studied in any depth until fairly recently. This book provides an overview of some of the most significant Chinese wallpapers surviving in the British Isles.

Sumptuously illustrated, it shows how these wallpapers became a staple ingredient of high-end British and Irish interiors while always retaining a touch of the exotic.

Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland will be a ground-breaking resource for both scholars and designers, aswell as for anyone interested in historic interior decoration.