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The Moomins Invisible Child Book


The Moomins Invisible Child Book by Tove Jansson. This book is part of a special relationship between Oxfam and Moomin to help fight inequality.

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The Moomins Invisible Child and the Fir Tree are taken from Tove Jansson’s short story collection Tales of Moominvalley, first published in 1962. These stories have resonated and appealed to generations of readers through their themes of inclusiveness and respect for others.

This book is part of a special relationship between Oxfam and Moomin. The Invisible Child’s story is about an isolated heroine who regains her voice and takes her rightful place in the world when, she discovers equality and respect as part of the much-loved Moomin family.

This story of the Moomins Invisible Child helps raise funds for Oxfam projects that fight inequality and help support women and girls across the world.

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