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Sunflowers Address Book


Sunflowers Address Book to keep your contacts organised. It comes as a hard bound book with 20 alphabetical tabs, each with enough tabs for 24 contacts


This pocket size Sunflowers address book features a detail from Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on the cover. It is hardbound for extra durability.

This beautiful Sunflowers address book has 20 alphabetical tabs with space for up to 24 addresses per tab.

It is perfect for keeping your contacts grouped together, whilst enjoying the beauty of Van Gogh’s masterpiece every time you open it.

Sunflowers, is one of four paintings of sunflowers dating from August and September 1888. Van Gogh intended to decorate Gauguin’s room with these paintings in the so-called Yellow House that he rented in Arles in the South of France.

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