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Sober October needn’t be so hard….

Sober October was originally an alcohol awareness campaign for MacMillan Cancer Support. Now it is gaining worldwide recognition. It challenges social drinkers to assess their drinking habits and make healthier life choices.

Sobriety upsides.

Drink awareness is big news and just like smoking, information about the harm drinking does are becoming more and more prevalent. There is the obvious age limit for purchasing alcohol and many stores ask for ID now. Drink awareness messages are on products and even Formula 1 Racing has replaced it’s classic huge bottle of bubbles for the winner to spray over everyone with an alcohol-free version. This is an attempt to discourage drink driving.

But the upsides for giving up drinking are plentiful. Amongst them there are: weight loss: better sleep: more energy; and more money in your pocket.

BOON Gives is here to help.

The partnered charities that work with BOON Gives have a range of products to help you through the month.

Urban Cordial, London makes exclusive cordials for the National Trust. Apple, Lemon and Fennel is a firm favourite. One can drink this refreshing and aromatic cordial hot or cold. All their ingredients are natural and free from additives. Moreover, all the fruit is from the UK and comes from surplus so helps fight food waste. This cordial won Great Taste Award 2017 and is not only suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but coeliacs too.

Sober October
Sober October

In the range, there is also an aromatic Strawberry and Sage cordial. You might associate sage with a Sunday roast but believe us, its subtle flavour works wonderfully with the strawberry. There is also a Pear and Ginger cordial with a spicy ginger kick. These lovely cordials offer the social drinker an alternative to an alcoholic beverage making the month of Sober October not so long and more enjoyable! BOON Gives working to help them, to help us, to help you. #gosoberuk

Strawberry and sage cordial
Strawberry and sage cordial