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How to be an Eco- Home

Its great that beauty products no longer use micro-beads. Beauty products have developed with organic and natural ingredients. Even make up has gone eco friendly with biodegradable glitter and more. Now it’s the turn of the eco clean home. The National Trust has a range of products to make your home an eco home. From […]

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The message to buy from charity is catching on!

The message to buy from charity is catching on! Wow you have all been super busy! What a Christmas! A massive thank you to all visitors to our site. An even bigger thank you to all those who shopped from charity. We are humbled by the support BOON Gives has received this year. Our first […]

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Sober October needn’t be so hard….

Sober October was originally an alcohol awareness campaign for MacMillan Cancer Support. Now it is gaining worldwide recognition. It challenges social drinkers to assess their drinking habits and make healthier life choices. Sobriety upsides. Drink awareness is big news and just like smoking, information about the harm drinking does are becoming more and more prevalent. […]

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