BOON Gives

The message to buy from charity is catching on!

The message to buy from charity is catching on! Wow you have all been super busy! What a Christmas! A massive thank you to all visitors to our site. An even bigger thank you to all those who shopped from charity.

We are humbled by the support BOON Gives has received this year. Our first year! The Christmas gifts and cards from the site are being replaced. As a result, it is clear just how much stock has been sold by the charities.

Complete sell-out!

With so many products ‘out of stock’ we are sorry to say that our showcased products are limited. But only for a short while! On the positive side, it demonstrates just how many chose to shop from charity this Christmas. That, can only be a good thing.

It is so reassuring to know that people’s attitude to shopping, especially at Christmas, is changing. Charities are obviously getting more on board with what people want. Consumers want quality products from reputable charities supporting amazing causes. They also want eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled products. The causes are worthy ones, but now the products have to be too.

Doing more than supporting a cause

Just One Ocean is a prime example. This charity works tirelessly to rid the oceans of plastic. Their awesome organic t-shirt range and sweatshirts are made in factories using renewable energy.

Oxfam have seen great demand for their bamboo range of lunch boxes and reusable mugs. Bamboo is a sustainable product. It has quick growth, versatility, hardiness and suggested antibacterial properties. As a result, it has become a popular product of choice for the average environmentalist. Oxfam, helps the world’s poorest. They have many products that are recycled and fair trade.


The National Trust protects our nature, countryside and history. It has included many sustainable and natural products in its retail range. Many of the cleaning products are organic. Also, they are made with natural ingredients. We love the bees wrap that helps us all move away from cling film!


A charity win over high street stores

You can get many of these products, or similar, on the high street. But why would you when you can buy them from a charity? BOON Gives is all about facilitating the ethical consumer to make that choice. No more surfing the net for products from charities. No more having to decide on a cause you wish to support then find they don’t have what you want. BOON Gives brings you UK charities all under one roof. You decide whether you want sustainable or natural products, vegan or organic. Whichever you choose, you are helping a cause that is helping in more ways than just giving you what you want! The message to buy from charity is catching on.

Thank you from us all ? ? ?