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World Book Day

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World Book Day

We love World Book Day at BOON Gives. It is one day of the year when we celebrate books, authors, artists and of course READING! The theme this year is to ‘share a million stories’. At BOON Gives we have such a range of books for readers young and older and the best thing of all is they come from UK charities. The variety is so big we have broken it down into several blogs! That’s how much we value reading!

Beatrix Potter

Of all the famous books /authors/illustrators it doesn’t get more famous than this amazing lady. The National Trust has a range of beautiful and special edition books as well as a range of accompanying accessories. We love the bamboo dining accessories and the gorgeous crockery. Keepsakes that make the most amazing lifelong gifts you’ll treasure for ever.

Beatrix Potter Complete Tales
Beatrix Potter Complete Tales


If we’re going to get kids reading, why not get them reading and learning about the environment too? Oxfam has an amazing book teaching you tips about ‘How to Give Up Plastic‘. The National Trust has more story themed books with ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ and ‘What a Waste’ amongst others.

Someone Swallowed Stanley
Someone Swallowed Stanley

Girl Power

Oxfam has a special partnership between them and Moomin Characters to raise funds for Oxfam projects supporting women and girls worldwide. Tove Jansson’s stories are amongst the best-loved in the world, celebrating themes of love, tolerance and equality mixed with a good dose of common sense. We particularly love ‘The Invisible Child’, a heroin who finds her voice after discovering respect and equality. There are other stories and accessories available. The National Trust has a great book for great women! Truly inspirational for all young women is ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World’. Written by a relative of the Famous Emmeline Pankhurst, this book tells of great girl power! We’re all for that!

great women
Great Women Who Changed The World

Mr Men and Little Miss

There is a book for everyone in this fun and amazing range. Not only are their books and accessories but also there are cool t-shirts to show you’re a serious fan. All of these are brought to you from English Heritage. Mr Men fighting knights and Little Miss pocket libraries, there is something for every little man and miss in your life to get them reading!

Little People

It’s never too young to get reading! We’ve already mentioned Beatrix Potter, The Mr Men and The Moomins but what about The ‘Where’s My…..” range! So many children, and parents for that matter will remember the rhythmic pattern of saying that’s not my something….Oh yes it is!! Well, English Heritage have them and of course ‘That’s Not My Dragon’ is there! There is also an awesome range of books of ‘Where’s… Mr Duck, Mrs Ladybird and Mr Owl. The National Trust have introduced garden and animal friends in a touchy feely book. We love them!

Where's Mr Owl
Where’s Mr Owl

Fancy Reading needs Fancy Dress

Without fear, we may bring you awesome books, but we also bring you the ubiquitous fancy dress! By dressing up, the imagination is sparked, bringing characters from books to life! We have everything from butterflies to knights, from unicorns to princesses. There’s even fighter pilot outfits from National Museum of the Royal Navy and explorers from Natural History Museum! just take a look!

We love World Book Day, we hope this helps you enjoy it too. Get out and get a book and give to amazing causes at the same time. Happy Reading!