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World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, BOON Gives celebrates the work of Cancer Research UK. We are fortunate enough to have them as one of our partnered charities. The work they do is amazing. So, did you know they also offer an amazing range of products online? We take a look at the products by Jennifer Young.

Jennifer Young

With help from the NHS, Jennifer Young offers a beautiful range of beauty products. The specialist collections help against side effects from treatment. The natural and luxurious products help against sore and itchy, sensitive skin. These products are equally perfect for anyone with a slogan …’As Unique As you.’ Let’s take a look at some….

Defiant Beauty Natural Body Butter in Shea

shea body butter
shea body butter

This gorgeous, fragrance-free, organic butter contains one ingredient. This is pure and unrefined shea butter. It protects the skin from dehydration and moisturises. Working deep in the skin to leave it feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Defiant Beauty Natural Body Butter in Cocoa

Cocoa Body Butter
Cocoa Body Butter

This organic, fragrance-free, defiant beauty natural cocoa body butter by Jennifer Young® contains one ingredient, pure and untainted Cocoa. It is high in antioxidants to fight off free radicals. It provides deep hydration and moisturises.

Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil

Smooth Skin Oil
Smooth Skin Oil

This gorgeous natural and organic oil contains a mixture of oils: coconut, calendula. essential oils: sandalwood, neroli and mandarin. It smells divine, thanks to the neroli and sandalwood.

So on this day, take a care and support worthy causes doing their bit in the fight against cancer.

Boon Gives is a philanthropic website, bringing quality brand new charity gifts and lifestyle products in one shopping site.

Think about where you shop, think about how your shopping can help others. We are proud to be able to support Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research has an amazing online store – by using this for gift buying you are supporting a business that gives more back than any other online store.

These stores offer the same if not better products than most highstreet stores so think before you click. Can you give a gift that benefits more than one person?

Make online shopping easy for you and for others. Think before you click, get your gift from a shop that really cares about people and the planet!