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World Habitat Day

Multi Species Box

This year, World Habitat Day takes place on 7th October. World Habitat Day was set up in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly. It is an opportunity to look at the state of towns and cities. It looks at how to fulfil the right for all to have suitable shelter.

There are many UK charities who focus on housing and do all they can to help. One charity doing its bit is The Big Issue.

We took the word habitat in its wildlife form and look at what UK charities are doing to offer suitable habitation for those animals in our environment. What can we do to help them, be it in the countryside or the city?

BOON Gives brings you ways to help the wildlife within our environment.

The National Trust has a multitude of habitats for our loved animals. From bats to hedgehogs, their range of products is extensive. Many of their products are natural or use responsibly sourced materials. Bats are a protected species and to encourage them into your garden we welcome the Bat Box. It features a tapered landing platform design and a single chamber of FSC certified timber with rough sawn internal landing.

Not only can you buy them a home but there is also the Small Wonder Long Eared Bat gift that is available. The money spent on the Long Eared Bat gift goes straight back into supporting wildlife conservation across the National Trust. There are 4 gifts in the set: Bumblebees; Red Squirrel and The Dormouse.

The willow nesting pocket is perfect for small garden birds who prefer an open fronted nest site. For a larger variety of wildlife, there is the Multi Species Box. It is a large nesting space for garden birds. The multi species box becomes a nester for robins or a wall feeder when the box is open.

Food is just as important as shelter!

English Heritage and Oxfam both offer great functional and elegant ways to feed those we want to attract and protect. Not only does English Heritage have a lovely Seagrass bird box but they also do a gorgeous pinecone bird feeder. Oxfam also does a wonderful Eden Project Bird Home. To accompany it, there is the elegant Eden Project bird feeder. What we think is very innovative is Oxfam’s Eco Bird Feeder. It is made from recycled plastic pots, simple to use and reduces food waste!

Ensuring suitable shelter

At BOON Gives, we aim to help make it easier for us all to buy with a conscious. These amazing charities with their wonderful causes are reaching out to help ensure our wonderful wildlife is protected and we can all do our bit to help with their conservation. Ensuring suitable shelter for us humans is a little harder but we embrace the reason for such an important day and salute those charities making a difference.